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Hey, welcome to my site and enjoy your stay. Hope to here from you and hopefully keep up with new stories posted not only by me but by other users on the blog.

Who am I?

A software developer mainly working in .NET, but I sometimes develop using PHP and have lately started developing using NodeJS.

I have successfully graduated from MCAST with a degree in software development.

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About Rumyhub

This site contains my portfolio about my studies, work and projects I did and currently working.

I will be adding some updates regarding my portfolio on this site and will also post tutorials, project updates, videos regarding what I like to develop.

The blog will also contains post on interesting technologies and if you wish go to blog.rumyhub.com or subscribe to the RSS feed.

Also part of the Rumyhub is Imagine.Rumyhub.com which is a platform where prototype I developed are available to download to use, test and/or work it.

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Have been developing in .NET, PHP and NodeJS for the last 5 Years



  • Career
  • Education

Current Occupation

Software Developer at Websuccess mainly working on .NET Applications, and occassionally using PHP.

Developing on a wide range of Website and Applications

Other Occupation

I also work as a freelance developer, developing small websites and application using C#, PHP and NodeJS.



  • C# ASP.NET
  • C# MVC
  • C# Winforms
  • WCF / Web Services
  • PHP
  • NodeJS
  • MSSQL/OracleDB/MySQL
  • SQLite


  • HTML
  • HTML5
  • CSS2.1 / CSS3
  • Javascript
  • JQUERY Mobile
  • Photoshop

Freelance Developer

August 2011 -
  • Developed a website for Gertrudedalli.com (C#, DotNetNuke, Module Development)
  • Website Template Testing and Selling (HTML5, Javascript, JQuery)
  • Security Code Development (C#)
  • RPI Based Random Generation (NodeJS)
  • Secure Password Generator (C#, SQLite)

Software Developer

July 2013 -

Company: WebSuccess

Website: http://www.websuccess.com.mt

  • Backend/Frontend Web Development (Mainly ASP.NET and some PHP. Javascript, JQuery)
  • Application Development & Application Management (C#, MSSQL)
  • Development on Multi Threading Applications (C#)
  • Development on Scrapers built using phantomjs and selenium (C#, SQL)
  • Wordpress Management (PHP, MySQL)
  • Server Management (Administration, Website Hosting)

Web Developer (Student)

July 2012 - September 2012

Company: Occupational Health and Safety Authority

Website: http://ohsa.org.mt/Home.aspx

  • Mass Email Development (C#, ASP.NET Winform, Javascript, JQuery)
  • DotNetNuke Development (C#, MVC, Module Development)
  • Image Editing (Photoshop)
  • Website Management
  • Data Entry

Data Entry

June 2011 - September 2011

Company: Crimsonwing (Malta) Limited

Website: http://www.ohsa.org.mt

  • Diphone Segmentation (Data Entry)

Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Software Development

I have successfully graduated from MCAST with a Degree in Software Development with Honours and have achieved a distinction on my dissertation, Optimizing Lazy Learning Speech Recognition based on Facial Electromyography which can be downloaded by clicking here

BTEC Higher National Diploma in Computing and Systems Development (Software Development)

College: MCAST Institute of IT, Poala (Malta)

Grade: Distinction


  • Business Skills for E-Commerce
  • Computer Systems
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Database Design Concepts
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Qaulity Systems in IT
  • Data Analysis and Design
  • Digital Image Creation and Development
  • Employability and Professional Development
  • Project Design Implementation and Evaluation
  • Research Skills
  • Mathematics for Software Development
  • Web Applications Development
  • Distributed Software Applications
  • Programming in Java
  • Programming in .NET

For Course info click here

BTEC National Diploma In Computing (Software Development)

College: MCAST Institute of IT, Poala (Malta)


  • Website Development
  • Software Project
  • Systems Analysis and Design
  • Project Concepts
  • Project Practice
  • Advanced Programming
  • Commercial Programming
  • Website Management
  • Programming For Design
  • Software Application
  • Communications Technology
  • Business Information Systems
  • Introduction to Software Development
  • Computer Systems
  • Computational Methods
  • Language and Communcations

For Course info click here

BTEC First Diploma For ICT Practitioners

College: MCAST Institute of IT, Poala (Malta)


  • Database Software
  • Software Design and Development
  • Networking Essentials
  • Project Concepts
  • Spreadsheet Software
  • Website Development
  • Introduction to Computer Systems
  • Using ICT to present Information

For Course info click here

A Detailed Resume can be downloaded from here