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Yee V3: The new design for Designed by Gertrude Dalli Uploaded
Yee V2: Uploaded 28th February 2015
Yee V1: Uploaded 26th February 2015

Rumyhub: Random Password Generator (V1.0) A small application which uses Microsoft's CryptoAPI to generate a random password New
Rumyhub: Random Password Generator: Download

Matthew's NodeJS Location Finder A Website using openlayers for the maps and NodeJs for the backend Scripting New
NodeJS Application: Download

Dashboard GPX NMEA

ACE MAZE: A small game developed using C# and Javascript with the Unity Framework. Uploaded

Matthew's Online Bank Account A Distributed Online Back Account Application using MVC4(Aspx Engine) New
Step 1. Desktop Application: Download
Step 2. Request a temporary User
Step 3. Use username and password in the desktop application to generate the code.
User Manual: Download | Technical Documentation: Download | Application Structure: Download

Matthew's ShoppingCart: A shopping cart application using ASP.NET/C# Uploaded
(User-Admin) Linking to Pages are broken. Fixed : 01/07/2013
(User) Check out Page may not work after removing or update an Item. Noted
(Admin) Add Discount running into a Server Error Workin on

Matthew's Gallery: A simple gallery application using HTML/CSS/JAVASCRIPT Uploaded
No errors found Last Check: 01/07/2013